About Me

About Me.

Hi, I’m Gaby, a family photographer from Devon. I fell in love with all things family photography when capturing those fleeting moments after having my son in 2020 (it’s true, they really do grow so fast!). Although I had been doing photography as part of my media business for many years, after maternity leave, I made the decision to go full time & haven’t looked back!

Wedding photo by the amazing Joshua Gooding Photography

Our Life.

I grew up in Tavistock in Devon & now I am lucky enough to get to call it my home again. I live here with my husband, Chris, son, Eden, and two crazy hounds. Chris is an accountant, so we are chalk & cheese, but it works so well (I’ve never had to fill in a tax form in my life!). We are expecting our second baby in September and we are so excited to meet our newest family member.